Corporate Culture

When you begin as a small start-up company, with what you think is a good idea, a business plan and just a handful of people, and then you start to grow, we think that not forgetting how you started and what that felt like is important.

That’s why, as we’ve grown, we keep that “small town” feeling. We understand that every member of our staff has something valuable to contribute to Newpoint, and we want to make sure they have the tools and opportunities to make their very best contribution.

But we also understand that they have lives outside Newpoint, and that those families and personal obligations are central to who they are. We value the people we hire for who they are as well as what they bring, and so we make sure to honor the personal needs of our staff.

Finally, we believe it’s important to stay connected as a staff. That’s why we have our monthly internal newsletter, our Employee of the Month award, structured team time together during the year and social gatherings where we just have fun. The old-school video game in our lobby should be a big hint about us — we work hard, and we like to play hard, too.

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